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Edison Career & Technology High School

Sports:  Football / Basketball / Baseball

Height: 6'3     Weight:  200

Position: DE / WR   Year: Class of 2018

High School:  Edison Career & Technology High School

Core GPA:  3.7        ACT:          SAT:


Career Interests:   Accounting


I Am An 17 Year Old Academic Athlete. I Played Up To 6 Sports A Year Growing Up.I Live With My Father And Get a lot Of Family Support.

Coach / High School Information

Head Coach's Name:  Jack Dees

Coach's Email:  

Coach's Number:


Edison Career & Technology High School

655 Colfax St.
Rochester, NY 14606

Office: 585-324-9700    Fax:   

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More Information


Kala Gause

Beyond Athletics Scouting Recruiting Analyst

Oct 13, 2017

He stands about 6 feet and 3 inches, and weighs about 200lbs. If you watched any of his football highlights, you will observe that by himself he can impact the outcome of any game he plays.  I'm talking about Marquan Anderson of  Edison Career & Technology High School, in Rochester, NY.

Now a senior in high school Anderson explains his Past, Present and Future.....

"One of the first things to know about me is that I've been far from perfect my whole life.  I made some poor decisions when I was younger and hung with the wrong friends.  A few years ago I was sent to  Fingerlakes Residential Center, and I thought my life was going downhill.  But to be honest, it was probably was the best thing that happened to me.   I was lonely, it was strange, and I didn't have many visitors.  After a while, I began to see a reflection of what I could be, and realized that the lifestyle I had been walking was leading me nowhere."

"I started playing on the basketball team, and met my mentor, a man named Marvin Edmunds.  He used to pick me up at 6am for training, conditioning, fundamentals.  I credit Coach Edmunds for helping me save my life.  He helped me think about my life, and more importantly showed me why my future was important," says Anderson.  "He took me to visit Cortland University, and I met the coaches who expressed an interest in me to attend their college one day and possibly play for them even after hearing about my rough past.  It made me feel good about myself again, my self-confidence began to rise, and I could actually see myself as a college student."

It was a rough couple of years for Anderson, but now he's back on track like never before.  "Another inspiration is my first cousin, Ricky Norris Jr.  We grew up together, and somewhere along the line we took two different paths.  I ended up at a detention center, and he ended up at  Assumption College  by way of Trinity Pawling Day and Boarding School for Boys.  One of the first things I did was reach out to him, he encouraged me to focus on myself, and be careful of the people I keep around me, a message I began to hear more and more from the people that are in my corner.  I am so happy for him that he made it to college, because it lets me know I can also.  "Now, my dream of playing sports in college, is only one year away.  I've made improvements in my focus, academics, work-ethic and consistency.  I'm choosing better friends, making better decisions, and dedicated to working out 2-3 days a week to prepare my mind and body for the next level."

Jack Dees is the varsity head football coach at Edison, and believes Anderson can play at the next level.  "This kid practices hard, and plays even harder.  He does not cut corners, he plays to the whistle," says Dees.  "The best thing about him is his core GPA."  Anderson carries a 3.7 GPA in the classroom, his favorite subject is math.  He plans on being an accountant when gets older.  

The Edison Tech Inventors varsity football record is currently 4-2 and they will most likely make sectionals.  Anderson explains how his last football game went.  "My stats for my last game were 4 receptions, 56 yards, 2 TD's on offense."  They were even more impressive on defense,  Anderson had 15 tackles and 3 sacks. "He has really become a standout as one of our best players this season," says Dees.  "He will make a good ball player in college."  " I feel as though I have a unique size / speed advantage that allows me to be able to play any position on the field.  Most of the time I line up at DE, but can split out on slot receivers as an outside linebacker.  On offense, I play TE and WR which creates mismatches with smaller LB's and DB's. Being one of the fastest on my team, most opponents look at my size and underestimate my speed and athleticism," adds Anderson.

Anderson has already visited both Cortland, and Assumption College, but has plans on visiting Michigan, UAlbany, Old Dominion, and Ohio State in the next coming months.  He is a 3 sport athlete: football, basketball, and baseball, and says he can excel at all 3.

Keep an eye out for this kid.  Fueled by the hardships from his past, Anderson is poised to not only do the right thing, but also shares his story with younger people.  "My advice to kids, stay private, telling kids to choose friends wisely, stay away from the streets," says Anderson.  "Basically the same message my cousin, and so many other people in my life told me."

Beyond Athletics Scouting will continue to follow Marquan Anderson, and share his progress along the way.