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ARDELL BROWN - Bishop Kearney (Rochester, NY)

Sports:  Football

Height: 5'10"     Weight: 155

Position: WR     Year: Class of 2015

40-Time:  4.63  Vertical Jump: 33   Shuttle: 4.22

High School:  Bishop Kearney High School

GPA:  2.6       ACT:         SAT:  900 (2 Part)

Counselor:   Kristen Brunetto

Career Interests:  Athletic Trainer

Awards / Accomplishments:  2014-2015 National Football Foundation Member / 2013-14 All Livingston County 1st Team / Selected Offense MVP of 2013 NLA National Showcase - Rochester (Northeast Region)

Camps Attended:  2014 Blue Grey Combine2014 Syracuse Football Camp / 2014 Rutgers University / 2014 Pittsburgh Football Camp / 2014 West Virginia Football Camp / 2014 Central Connecticut Football Camp / 2014 University of Connecticut Football Camp / 2014 University of Buffalo Football Camp / 2013 New Level Athletics National Showcase And Lineman Challenge (Rochester) / Florida State / Air it Out

Bio:   My name is Ardell Brown and I attend Bishop Kearney High School, as a Junior I was a captain and I was  a leader. Being a leader is someone that does not just yell at his teammates but picks them up and works the hardest through adversity. When everyone is struggling you have to be that guy to keep everyone together so you all can achieve the goal of being successful. This attitude is what I take everyday in life and also including classroom. I feel that I will be an asset to any school because of my attitude and work ethic. I go and get everything and I will always do more because someone is always trying to take your spot and I can never be to comfortable. I love going through adversity because it helps build character and I can see how tough of a person I am and everything I can endure. In addition I expect nothing to be just given to me because I don't gain anything from that. I am also a very Coach able player. I will play any position on the field if it will put my team in the best place to win and be successful. Another reason I will be an asset to your team is because of my leadership qualities. The final reason I will be an asset to your team is I am a football junkie, I will be in the film room, on the field, and in our play book constantly working on my craft to be come the most polished player at my position so I can become the best player I can be. I would like to thank you Coach for even looking at this bio right now and taking your time to learn me more as a person. I would love to hear from you!

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Kala Gause

Beyond Athletics Scouting Recruiting Analyst

August 31, 2014

The summer of 2014, has been quite busy for Bishop Kearney WR - Ardell Brown (Class of 2015).  The 5'10, 155lbs.,  athlete has been camping all off-season and summer.  "I've been to Syracuse, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Central Connecticut, Uconn, Buffalo University, and the Blue Grey Combine," explains Brown.  "This year my mindset, focus and determination have all improved, my goal is to be more physical, more elusive and make more plays with or without the ball."  Using this philosophy helped Brown stand out as he earned Blue Grey Northeast Super Combine Regional MVP, held in Canton ,Ohio.  Coach Larry Ryans was one of the coaches for the North team.  "Ardell gave peers fits from start to finish. At times, no one could stop him," says Ryans.  "Given the facts, it should not come as a surprise to learn he was one of the top players at his spot on the field."  And it is now official!!!!  Brown has received his letter in the mail inviting him to participate in the Blue-Grey All-American Game.

The 2015 Blue-Grey All-American Bowl is an invitation-only, All-Star weekend featuring the top performers from the Blue-Grey Super Combines from across the nation.  This incredible weekend will take place at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa, Florida.  The All-American Bowl will be played on January 10, 2015.

"I cannot begin to explain my excitement in this selection, it is such an honor to be playing with other top athletes from around the country in an All-American Game," says Brown.   Being from Upstate New York, it's very rare for athletes to earn the All-American Status.  "I feel like I earned this opportunity not only based on performance, but also preparation to succeed and be better than I was last year."  "My focus has been to improve in all 3 phases of the game, really open up my big-play ability, and to show more leadership for the young guys."  "My work-ethic allowed me to be a little more confident this summer at all the college camps I went to as well....If you don't prepare to succeed, you prepare to fail," explains Brown.

Academically, Brown boasts a 3.2 GPA and is interested in the medical field for a career.  "My career interests make University of Buffalo very attractive to me, plus they have a great coaching staff, and I'm very good friends with #7 Marcus McGill (Gates-Chili)."  "I like the explosive offense at West Virginia, I think I could fit right in there, everybody gets the ball."  "Uconn, and Central Connecticut are sort of neck and neck to me."  "Old Dominion rounds out my top list right now, Coach Whitcomb has been very open and honest with me throughout the recruiting process."  "Hopefully I get to visit a few more schools this fall, during and after the season," says Brown.

Keep an eye, and ear out this season for Ardell Brown.....He will be a bright spot for the Bishop Kearney Kings, and in my honest opinion.....Brown is a lock for All Greater Rochester (AGR), and should be considered a pre-season candidate for All NYS 1st Team.

Beyond Athletics Scouting congratulates Ardell Brown on being selected to participate in the 2014 Blue-Grey All-American Bowl to be held at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa, Florida.  The All-American Bowl will be played on January 10, 2015.