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Dear Parents,

My name is Tracy Williams (author of the book The Come Up), and founder of Building Stronger Responsible Men (BSRM), an organization whose goal is to give young men the materials they need to become successful in life. Through Kala Gause, I have the privilege of working with your child in this unique and innovative program. It focuses on dealing with issues that arise in their everyday lives, mainly understanding the process of life and making the best decision they can in various situations. Using group discussions and decision making models, we allow the participants to see how delicately life weaves itself together in a systematic progression. We also challenge a culture that is claiming the lives of our children and making success much more difficult to achieve. Beyond Athletics NY and I would like your support in making this unique program successful.

Once the program begins, we will invite parents to an informational meeting to explain in detail the components of the program. Afterwards we encourage you to stay and sit in on the class itself. We also ask that you join us in a family and staff workout night. It is very important that all parents make arrangements to attend. Your attendance will show strong support for your child, which goes a long way in developing a positive attitude towards completion of this rigorous program. If they know you care and support them, they will put forth more effort, making the program a success.

Our program has a “reward” system that pays the entire family. Family involvement and cohesiveness is paramount for successful communities. The program is built on this premise. A child and his or her family can gain valuable prizes by just showing up and being together. The program involves lots of activities that involve the entire family. As the child begins achieving goals they earn money and incentives every step of the way.

  1. Grades
  2. Health (weight loss, muscle gain, miles ran, calories burned etc.)
  3. Volunteering hours

Fundraising is a huge component of the program. We have designed a fundraising program that is fun and informative. The goal is to make people engage in dialogue about the issues in our community instead of being passive listeners.

Three areas to be covered:


  • Weight Loss
  • Increased strength
  • Faster speeds
  • Longer distance


  • Increases in G.P.A. (quarterly)
  • Total G.P.A.
  • Exam Preparation
  • College Preparation


  • Hours of ON TIME completed hours.

  • Days where the participant is late won’t be counted towards competition hours.

"Getting Fit For A Cause"

Different levels of compensation

Each subsequent level of achievement will have a higher financial return. The company refunds your money with each achieved goal, so it’s possible to participate for free.


  • Attendance in school (all classes)
  • Grades (greatest overall GPA improvement, per quarter and cumulative)
  • Attendance at the program and completion of all assigned work turned in on time.

Tracy L. Williams